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The bowery boys
-nyc R'n'R-

Mixing melodies and driving guitars not unlike 60's British Invasion meets 70's NY punk meets 90's grunge
The Bowery Boys are considered one of the premier bands in the current N.Y.C. Downtown Underground rock scene

The Bowery Boys - Home Page

-Thanks a lot to the great staff of the Bell House, true professionals and real cool guys. To Todd for getting us in. To Brody Dalle (The Distillers) for having us. And even more thanks to the 300+ music fans in the audience for being so cool and showing us so much love and respect. You guys ROCKED!

-The April issue of Steel Notes Magazine features a piece on/interview with the Bowery Boys http://steelnotesmagazine.com/bowery-boys-interview-photos/

"(...)impending world famous New York City’s present day underground favorite Rock And Roll … No joke … Real deal … Raw, gutsy and straight from the streets of the very bowels of the most incomparable, incorrigible, greatest … and … never say modest or humble … city on earth … The Bowery Boys … I just have to state one fact … “It’s the truth !!!”(…)" (MBW, April 2014)

-The Bowery Boys are currently in studio recording a first EP. (2014)

-Renowned European Rock/Glam/Punk WebMagazine  "Veglam" calls JOff WilsON
"The man with a thousand never- recorded Hit songs".
(May 2013): www.veglam.com

-The Bowery Boys are currently featured in the Spring issue of the New York Waste music paper, grab a copy and check it out. (April 2013)

-Bowery Boys singer/songwriter/guitarist JOff WilsOn interviewed in "Sugarbuzz Magazine". (February 2013): http://www.sugarbuzzmagazine.com/?p=7037#more-7037

-Find us on Facebook

-The Bowery Boys will be recording a first EP in 2013, in the meantime check out some demos on this page

 May 2014. Opening for Brody Dalle (The Distillers) in front of 300+ music fans at the Bell House in Brooklyn.

Valentine's Day at Grand Victory

(From left to right:
Russ, JOff, Thomaxe, Sam)
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